False reports about Celtrixa scam have gone straight into the virtual trashcan. They were released with the obnoxious aim of creating a false sense of fear among people for Celtrixa cream. The plan failed. Whoever has posted such rumors, must be lamenting his or her defeat. 

Experts think  such people, whether male or female, to be completely ignorant of the benefits of this cream. Such rumor-mongers might even be the odd envious rival. If the person is a woman, she is losing a golden opportunity of getting beautiful skin after pregnancy. 

If spreading false stories of Celtrixa scam is the work of males, they, too, stand to lose in terms of getting good skin after heavy gym sessions. 

However, it is not important to know who has spread the false scam news because it hardly matters. Nobody is paying attention to these rumors. The brilliant performance of the cream has gripped everybody’s attention. No sane person can ever believe in such malicious rumors related to this cream. 

People know that applying Celtrixa stretch mark cream at the affected area reduces the intensity and color of the marks by up to 75 percent in just 4 - 5 weeks. This was proved in a clinical study conducted on a group of volunteers. This also proves that rumors of Celtrixa scam are false. 

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