Fake Celtrixa scam stories do not stop people from using this stretch mark cream. The popularity of a cream is based on its performance, not stories on the net. When the cream was launched in the market, no such stories existed. Only when the cream climbed the peak of success did tales of scam appear online.

According to experts, this indicates that the tales are make-believe. If the cream were a fraud, people who are now screaming scam would have done this earlier. Why is it that when the cream has tasted grand success scam stories are showing their faces?

Skin experts believe that all Celtrixa scam stories online are fake. They are posted by jealous rivals who cannot stand the cream’s success. When the cream arrived in the market, rivals did not expect it to make it to the top in such a short time. However, the cream surprised everybody by performing outstandingly.
This sent shivers down the spine of some rivals. A wave of malicious envy splashed into them and they couldn’t think of anything better than spreading false things about this successful cream for marks.

It is impossible to eclipse the sun by your hand from the earth. You need to be in outer space and at the level of the heavenly bodies to do so. Similarly, a mediocre rival cannot overshadow the cream’s success by few false Celtrixa scam stories. They got to rise to the level of the cream first.

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